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App: United States History -

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Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
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All presidential information is from .. This information does not necessarily represent the political views of the developer. Please do not leave feedback based on this information. All other information is borrowed from credible sources and does not reflect the developer's opinion.

This app contains a large amount of Historical information including:Constitution (broken down by Article)Declaration of IndependenceUnited States Military Ranks, History etc..Bill of RightsPresidents with a great summary of each. (Under the current Constitution)Important documents Flag CodeThe Start Spangled BannerThe Pledge of AllegianceArticles of ConfederationFederalist PapersAnti-Federalist PapersBranches of Government

The app will be updated periodically with updated information.Please contact me by email if you find any mistakes as there is a large amount of information and some mistakes could have been made. Please also report any bugs. Email me with recommendations that could make the app better or with other information you would like included.

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Thanks in advance

LEGAL STUFF: This app could contain errors. Do not rely on the information contained within the app to study for tests, to answer Jeopardy questions, etc etc..

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All info and some images borrowed from credible online resources.

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