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App: SMS Text Messaging ?Tablet SMS

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Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
Text from your Tablet, using your current Android phone number

★ SMS from your Tablet, using your CURRENT ANDROID PHONE NUMBER

★ Instant Notifications on your tablet when SMS hits phone.

★ Set up in 30 seconds

★ 100% Free (no additional charge from what your Carrier charges - text free)

★ See who's calling your phone -- on your tablet

★ See your phone's battery level - on your tablet.

★ Send Picture Messages (MMS Messaging) from tablet. Backup MMS.

★ Messages stay synced w/ your phone's SMS

★ SMS Backup & Restore: Backup MMS & SMS & view from any device

** Note: you must also have an Android phone & install the MightyText app ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE FIRST, before using the tablet app. If you don't have that yet, please download and set up MightyText on your PHONE, from Google Play:

*NEW*: View your phone's photos and videos to MightyText Tablet App. Dead simple sharing of photos and videos taken on your phone. Easily save photos/videos to the tablet.

SMS Text Messaging from tablet, sync'd with your Android phone. To send text from tablet, install this Tablet texting app alongside the MightyText Android phone app.

Quick Reply SMS Popup Option: Incoming message can now show a popup which shows on top of your current app activitiy, and you can reply directly from the popup window. This is turned off by default, but can be enabled in settings.

Save Battery Life: Saves battery - you can send SMS & Send MMS from tablet. Your phone's screen is off (this saves phone battery!). Saving your screen is the ultimate battery saver. Live battery indicator & battery widget on tablet.

Phone Calls: See who is calling you, in real-time, on your tablet. Call Logs also stored to show history of missed calls & incoming calls & outgoing calls.

Dialer on Tablet: Live dialer so you can dial your contacts from the tablet (dialer tells your phone to initiate the call)

Backup SMS &MMS: We are a super backup alternative since we save SMS & mms. Think of it like Dropbox for your SMS.

Group Texting: You can now do group texts (reply-all) from the tablet app, if your Android phone supports Group texting and group mms and group messaging (requires your phone to be on Android 4.1+)

SMS Tracker: Track your SMS on tablet.

Text free (SMS) if you have unlimited texting. Text plus see who's calling!

Different from messsging apps such as messageme,viber,KakaoTalk, zlango, lango, WhatsApp, WeChat, Nimbuzz because we sync directly w the SMS inbox.

On tablet app, we aim to use a minimalistic text message UI. Works over WiFi/Mobile Data, or apps like FoxFi. Tested w/ the following apps: textgram, foxfi,texting pro. Compatible w/: Chomp SMS, Pansi, GoSMS

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