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App: My Spelling

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Category Education
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Need an App to help your 5-12 year old kids practice their spelling? My Spelling is here to meet all your spelling word, spelling test, spelling list, spelling homework, spelling bee and spelling game needs.

It was designed by the Cuddly Dragon team's kids to make doing their spelling easier and “way more fun”, so chances are your kids will love it too.

Features include:

* Create spelling lists for each week. * Don't know what your spelling words mean? My Spelling will tell you. * Do spelling tests to learn your spelling words. * Helpful marking and encouragement. * Don't have spelling words? My Spelling will create some for you or retrieve from SpellingCity. * Collect rewards for doing your spelling tests. * Awesome spelling games for kids, including hangman.

...and heaps more spelling fun

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