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App: First Grade Kids Math Games

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
1st grade math is a set of more than 400 interactive exercises for 6-8 year old kids to learn and practice faster addition and subtraction, place values, fractions, comparing numbers and skip sequences.

The games are -

* Bubble Pop Practice fast addition and subtraction for numbers 0-20 by popping bubbles. Bubble speed can be reduced or increased using the settings.

* Fractions Learn fractions while feeding the monkey pieces of a pie. Hints explain how much to feed.

* Compare Compare and arrange numbers upto 100. Develop number sense and appreciation for less-than, greater-than symbols.

* Sequences Recognize skip 2, skip 5 and skip 10 sequences.

* Place Values Base-10 place values for numbers upto 999. Place values are the basis of number operations learnt later.

* Add or Subtract large numbers Use place values to add or subtract numbers upto 99.

To protect the kids - - No third party ads.- No integration with social networks.- No usage data collected.- No account data read.- No push notifications.

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About UsWe are parents and teachers developing apps to make learning fun for kids. We design the apps with our kids. Our young kids test the apps. We are supported by our families and our customers. Thank you for buying our learning apps.

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