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App: Times Tables: Squeebles

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Category Education
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
"Times Tables: Squeebles" is a colourful, interactive multiplication game for primary / elementary school children.


"Love this app! It's been great for helping my kids learn their times tables in a fun way!"

"My 10 year old loves it and I practically have to wrestle my phone off her!"

"Fantastic game, which my son loves to play He loves collecting the little Squeebles. Brilliant."

"This app is great for kids like me. Amazing"

"Simple and fun to use. My kids actually enjoyed doing their times tables and that's never happened before. Thanks!"


Help Whizz rescue the other Squeebles from the nasty Maths Monster by answering times tables questions in one of 4 game modes.

The more times tables questions your child answers correctly, the more stars they win and the more of Whizz's friends they rescue from the Maths Monster. There are 24 Squeebles to rescue, each with their own personality. Save them all to complete the game - something which can't be done unless all the times tables sets can be answered correctly.

As well as this, children can earn medals, trophies, background themes and much more.

Progress is saved, so your child can put the app down and pick it back up again whenever they want, fitting the opportunity to learn into any small amount of time available - when waiting for the bus, sitting in the car or waiting for a sibling to finish an after-school club.

The app supports up to 4 children using it independently on the same device, meaning they can each progress at a rate they're comfortable with.

This app makes learning times tables fun, by combining a great storyline and fun characters with all the tables they need to learn, from the ones to the twelves.

The Squeebles make learning fun!

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