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App: Kids ABC Jigsaw Puzzle Game

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Kids ABC Jigsaw Puzzle Game

A new and innovative way of learning ABC by solving jigsaw puzzles from words from ABC alphabets.

The Phonics and pictures helps your kids to understand the basics of ABC. while the jigsaw puzzles makes learning fun for your kids.

This free application has all the letters from A to Z along with high quality animation and Jigsaw Puzzles. Toddlers can repeat ABC, solve the ABC jigsaw puzzles along with the phonics in this app.

Kids or toddlers learn ABC faster when its fun and this app provides a simple and sweet interface without any complex navigation stuffs.

Repeated phonics in this app helps your kids to memorize ABC while playing with the jigsaw puzzles. ABC jigsaw puzzles are made simple so that your kids can easily solve them. A perfect learning tool for parents to keep their kids busy while making your kids learn while they play with the jigsaw puzzles.

This application will also help your kid to improve the hand and eye coordination. Just touch the jigsaw pieces and drag and drop it to the correct area to complete the puzzle and form the ABC images.

Alphabets with words pictures and phonics make this app a perfect learning tool for basic or preschool ABC for kids.

ABC for Kids is for kids between 2-5 years.

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