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App: Skins Pro for Minecraft

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Note: This is not an editor. The many features and description of exclusive skins is as follows...

Skins Pro for Minecraft is all about changing your character's skin in the hit game Minecraft. One of the best features of Minecraft is the ability to show off your individualism while you build your next masterpiece. Minecraft Skins Pro helps you do this through three primary functions. First, you get many original skins that are not available anywhere else. Second, the App makes it very easy to change your character’s skin from one to another right from inside the App. All you have to do is click ‘Apply to Your Account’ and the App guides you the rest of the way. And finally, if you like another character’s skin, this App lets you type in their character name, view their skin and apply it right to yours!

This App requires an Internet connection. When you open the App, it will grab skins from our server. Because of this, we can add new skins every week as we develop them! Expect a nice stream of new skins in the coming months as your selection gets bigger and bigger! With Skins Pro for Minecraft, your small investment will really pay off. Let the skinning begin.

Features Include:- Update your skin without leaving the App- Grab another players skin by simply entering their character name- Over 240 custom skins to apply to your character- Exclusive skins you can't find anywhere else- New skins every week without having to update your App!

Download the best Minecraft skinning app available today!

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at We would love to hear ideas on how to make Skins Pro for Minecraft even better.

Note: If you have problems seeing the skins, it is because of a weak internet connection. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this.

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