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App: Adobe GroupPix

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
GroupPix is the easy way for you and your friends to create a collaborative "party photos" album that you can all access and have fun with later.

During or after an event, members can add comments and "likes", share photos privately amongst themselves or on Facebook, and print the best ones out at any Walgreens.

It’s also a great way to share photos with friends who couldn't make it to the event but still want to see what happened, and gather photos from friends who want to add them after the party's over (snapshot shooters can upload to the album if they're invited).

The best party photos are yours, automatically.

What to do with GroupPix:-Get the whole group involved in taking pictures at an event, so you don't miss a shot.-Save your friends' photos to your phone's Gallery.-Print event photos directly from the app and conveniently pick them up at Walgreens. (U.S. Only)-Add likes and comments to the photos to increase the fun.-Easily share photos to Facebook.-Let the app create a collage of event photos.

Get GroupPix and let the party begin!

Do you use Adobe Revel? GroupPix photos appear automatically in Revel, making them viewable on Revel-ready smartphones, tablets, and online.

Questions or support: Visit Adobe's Privacy Policy:

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