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App: Android Fun Ringtones

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Category Personalization
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Android Fun Ringtones contains high quality sounds of funny ringtones and sounds. Some of these funny ringtones are guaranteed to make you smile and laugh. Try the funniest ringtone app in the Market! Enjoy these funny ringtones with the best ringtone app!

From the makers of the best ringtone applications on the Android Market, Sancron Ringtones, did it again!!! Enjoy these cool ringtones!

Features ---------* You can save these ringtones as your default ringtone, notification, or alarm.(This feature requires "Storage" and "System tools" permissions)

* You can assign specific ringtones to your contacts within the app.(This feature requires "Your personal information" permissions)

* You can check the ratings and find the popular ones from the bunch and you can also share your rating with others.(This feature requires "Network communication" permission)

* You can playback the sounds with your phone anytime for fun :)(This feature requires "Network communication" permission)

* You can upload your own similar ringtones to share with others publicly using any Creative Commons (CC) license.(This feature requires "Network communication" and "Phone calls" permissions)

Usage------* Tap/touch the ringtone icon to play the ringtone

* Press & Hold / long press for options including saving as a default ringtone, assign the ringtone to a contact, etc.

* Press Menu key for even more options such as Uploading and sharing your own ringtones, Ringtone and App preferences.

About:------Website: http://www.sancronringtones.comDeveloper: Sancron Cool Ringtones

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