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App: AntTek Explorer Ex

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
The most intuitive, useful and simple, speedy File Manager

This is the first multi-panel file explorer on Android OS. It features "Drag & drop anywhere" to bring the best user experience.

"Brings Beautiful and Efficient Browsing" - Will Verduzco (XDA)

Drag and Drop anywhere ☆ Drag and drop anywhere☆ Seamlessly copy/move files from different panels or from local to server

Flexible layout customization☆ 6 different panels to select: Overview, temporary box, etc.,☆ Contextual toolbar to easily drag and drop☆ Optimize panels for both phone and tablet☆ Collapsible panels

File browser☆ Manage local file (SDCard)☆ Streaming from remote file server for audio and video☆ Access to unlimited cool/free themes☆ Manage system partitions

Cloud explorer - cloud files as in your local☆ Google Drive, ☆ SkyDrive, ☆ Dropbox☆ Yandex

Network - seamlessly browsing files☆ Samba/CIFS/Window shared/☆ FTP/FTPs

Utilities☆ Cool music player with full equalizer☆ Storage detail information☆ Nice home screen widgets & shortcuts

Build-in viewers☆ Animated GIF viewer☆ Pictures viewer☆ TIFF viewer ☆ Zip/Rar viewer☆ APK viewer☆ Source code viewer: support more than 13 programming languages (java, C, php, perl, etc.,)

Themes☆ Dark/Light☆ Android, Leather, Purple, Wallpaper

Quick search ☆ Quick search all SD Card

More details:- Browse, copy, cut, paste, delete, rename, send, zip, unzip,- Build-in viewer for text, image, video files and text editor, zip viewer, apk viewer- Configurable dual panels view for large screen- Quick browsing with bookmarks and shortcuts,- Smart toolbar that commits the best user experiences,- Internal viewers for apk, zip, image, text files.- Look and feel with different view modes, sort modes, beautiful icon set, multiple selection operation,

For those who use own ProKey, don't need to purchase it again.

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