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App: appKarma Rewards w/ Gift Cards

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
appKarma Rewards lets you earn FREE GIFT CARDS while you discover new free apps on Google Play. That’s right! Get rewarded when you play with apps and watch app trailer videos. appKarma is simply the best reward app out there. Let’s see how we are better than other reward apps like Appnana, Whaff, Freemyapps, and Junowallet.

APPKARMA IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE GAMES, GREAT DEALS AND FREE STUFF.* Do you make in-app purchases on Android or iOS apps? * Do you buy music, games, and video on Google Play or iTunes? * Do you spend money on Facebook, Xbox, or Playstation? * Do you buy stuff from Amazon? * If you said YES to any of the above, then this reward app is for you

WE HAVE THE MOST GENEROUS INVITE REFERRAL SYSTEM* 500 Karma Points each time you make a qualified invite * 500 Karma Points each time your invite earns a gift card (that’s up to 10% of their earnings!)* 500 Karma Points when your friend enters your referral code

WE LET YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REFERRER CODE* Your username is your referrer code. How genius!! You get to pick your own code!* Don’t you hate it when apps like tapporo, powercoin, and donkeycoin assigns you a ridiculous invite code that no human being can possibly remember? "HEY! Here’s your invite code (ZZqXC1JzYj5XU90k98Q0)” Now spread the word!

YOU CAN EARN EXTRA BONUSES WITH ACHIEVEMENT BADGES * Badges are FUN. We give you EXTRA bonuses for doing things that help us. Why can’t appbounty, appredeem, appcoin, featurepoints, appstros, and any of these old timers do this?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO START FROM ZERO, EVER* Search for a referrer code, put it in, and you get 500 Karma Points* Redeemed a gift card? Just Tweet and Post on Twitter and Facebook and you’ll get rewarded for sharing

NO SCAMMY OFFERS* Seriously, offers that ask you for personal information are bad news and just plain sketchy. Unlike other reward apps, we won’t show you offers that might put your privacy at risk. We’re pretty sure the software testers at cash cat, mintcoin or appcasher won’t dare test out these offers.

LIKE PLAYING WITH APPS? LIKE FINDING NEW GAMES? * Then get paid to play with the games you see in the offers. Past apps in our offer list include: Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Farm Heroes Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Empire: Four Kingdom, Brave Frontier, Slotomania, Castle Clash, Dragon City, Bingo Bash, Puzzle & Dragons, Deer Hunter, etc, ...

WE'VE GOT GIFT CARDS* We now have, Google Play, Starbucks, iTunes, PSN, Facebook, and Xbox gift cards

WE’LL BE EXPANDING OUR GIFT CARD SELECTION* You can currently redeem giftcard, iTunes, Google Play, Starbucks giftcards, Facebook gift card, Xbox gift cards, and PSN giftcards. * We’ll be adding,,,,, and a few more shortly

NEW FEATURES COMING* Premium offer list with high payout offers that’ll surely increase your earnings* More downloads offers

Please read our terms carefully - following are strictly prohibited and will result in account suspension:* Use of VPN and proxies* Creating fake accounts / devices

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