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App: BasketBall Playbook Coach

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
BasketBall Board for Basket Coaches

Basket Editor

"Every General needs a Map, Lead your Team"

FUNCTIONALITIES* Easy Coaching Design your basketball plays ,tactic and drills.* Board Coaching Tool :same as any basket coach board + pencil * Editor View : pro design diagram .* Books Playbook : Save and organize all your plays and training movements* Draw Tools: Pass, Movement, Dribbling , Screen,...* Save all your bball plays , drills, tactics to your playbook ...* Export to twitter, mail or gallery and share with other coaches .* Use your own court from your Camera or Gallery.

Any college ,school or pro coach needs not only shooting needs tactics , prepare your basketball team with our clipboard .

Coaching Playbook board clipboard for pro BasketBall Coaches for all basket levels school , college , nba etc .

Perfect for training and coaching or use this blackboard while see any basket game from nba ncaa college or school game... draw any tactic and share it with your friends.

A BlackBoard in your tablet or mobile.

Our users says :

" Simple and easy to use. Great to draw quick play as white board coach or design specific play and save as picture to show other coaches from my college "

" Nice Clipboard app. Allows tactics to easily be saved to gallery and playbook . Great for youth coaches and nba fans "

" Recommended for its simplicity "" The best blackboard app of the genre . NBA fan"

" Training my college basket team is easy with this tactics board , great App !! "

" Best training clipboard for my tablet "

" Easy to use and create tactics with this coach clipboard "

" Easy Blackboard , I can comment NBA plays in seconds with my followers "

" Coaching is now easier "">www.CoachIdeas.com">Twitter">Google +">FaceBook

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