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App: Bird Calls 4500+ Songs & Sound

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Listen to and enjoy the beautiful songs and calls of 4500+ birds from around the world! Download your favorite bird songs and bird sounds and set them as your ringtones, alarms & notifications. View 1000s of bird photos and tons of bird trivia.

Do you love listening to the sound of the sparrows chirping, the pigeons softly cooing and the robins singing? Wish you could hear these beautiful bird songs and bird calls as often as you like and even set them as ringtones, alarms & notifications? Get bird sounds ringtones right on your Android mobile/tablet with Bird Calls!

Bird Guide:

Bird Calls has a huge variety of bird sounds, bird songs and bird calls from all over the world, along with bird photos. This bird sound app is perfect for birders (bird watchers) and ornithologists. All the bird songs in this bird soundboard are taken from live field recordings from the Xeno-canto bird sound guide; so you get the feel of really being in a rain forest in Peru or the jungles of Africa! Set them as bird ringtones and enjoy.

Fun and educational bird Soundboard!

Whether or not you love birding and bird watching, you can use this bird soundboard to identify different species of birds and distinguish between their sounds and calls.

Bird Songs and Bird Calls:

This Bird Songs app/guide has all types of bird vocalizations including Bird songs and Bird calls like alarms, flight calls, distress calls etc. which you can set as bird ringtones.

Stress-Busting Audio Therapy!

Listening to natural sounds like the sound of waves or rain and bird sounds are proven to be excellent forms of sound therapy. So if you’ve had a particularly stressful day at work, just relax and sleep by listening to the sounds of songbirds like Nightingales, Skylarks and Wrens and let all your worries and stress ebb away.

Bird Sound Ringtones, Alarms & Notifications:

Choose from 4500+ different bird songs and bird sounds and set favorite ones as your ringtones, alarms & notifications. Listen to and view photos of different species of birds including:- Amazon- Antbird- Antpitta- Babbler- Barbet- Bee-eater- Canary- Cardinal- Cisticola- Crake- Dove- Drongo- Duck- Eagle- Elaenia- Falcon- Finch- Flowerpecker- Goose- Grebe- Grosbeak- Gull- Hawk- Hermit- Heron- Ibis- Jacamar- Jay- Kingfisher- Kite- Lapwing- Lark- Lorikeet- Lory- Macaw- Magpie- Monarch- Nightjar- Nuthatch- Oriole- Owl- Parakeet- Parrot- Partridge- Puffbird- Quail- Rail- Robin- Roller- Sandpiper- Seedeater- Starling- Swallow- Tinamou- Toucan- Turaco- Tyrannulet- Tyrant- Vireo- Wagtail- Wheatear- Woodpecker- YellowthroatAnd more……

The next time you’re at a bird park, a zoo or just your garden, try playing a few bird songs. You never know when a cuckoo or a parrot might respond to you! Get this bird soundboard/ bird guide now!

Legal info:

Bird Sound recordings used in Bird Sounds app are from the Xeno-canto project library & shared under BY-NC Creative Commons licenses. Sounds from this app are not commercial sounds from video games.

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