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App: Bobble App - Jiggle a little!

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Category Entertainment
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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
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Remember when you were a child? That fun, creative and fearless feeling. Imagine reliving that child. Creating a new world for it, A world where all your ideas, thoughts and opinions come to life in the form of a comic storyboard. A world that doesn't limit expressions, a world that lies outside the box, a world where pun are obviously intended, a world where you take charge.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to design such a place?

Say hello to 'BOBBLE'

Bobble is the expressive, imaginitive, poetic and vibrant part of you. Click a selfie, choose a suitable body type, put on some costumes, select an environment, throw some colors and 'LET THERE BE LIFE!'

Or you can select from your photo stream, a whacky library of celebrity bobble heads and crazy templates.

Convert all your conversations, views and ideas into bobble conversations.

- Let your Bobble do the talking!

REVIEWS!"Best App to cartoonify face" – Tanya {SRCC, Delhi University}"I have never seen such an advanced technology in image manipulation" – Rahul {IIT Bombay}"Now I can flaunt my dream looks and express through comics" – Trisha {Jadavpur University, Kolkata}

HIGHLIGHTS!- Cartoonify your face - Make yourself a Bobble- Build your body shape- Wear your dream clothes- Control your emotions- Capture your conversations in bobble comic book- Choose from a wacky library of themes, characters, dresses, expressions, dialogues and captions- Cool animations on fingertips

"Where ever we are, It is our friends that make our world" - Share this cool app with your friends and bring a smile to their faces.

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