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App: Build Minecraft Bridges

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Build Minecraft Bridges

Tutorials/Tips and tricks

Here are some tips and little hints for those who are new to Minecraft. Remember, however, that there are often tips under the 'Trivia' section of an item's page, and are likely to be more in-depth:

Sand farming

Need to farm a lot of sand but you don't want to waste your shovel on that? Use torches! Place a torch under the sand and the other sand blocks (on top of it) are destroyed too.

Peaceful mode

Can't seem to figure out those zombies? Too slow for the spiders? Can't make a decent shelter with the worry of a creeper? Low on health and don't have any food? Set the difficulty to peaceful and, voila! Your health will quickly regenerate, your hunger bar won't hurt you, and all hostile mobs will disappear. This becomes very helpful when building large structures or pixel art; however, most players dislike this, as it takes away much of what they see as the challenge and some of the fun of Minecraft.

Tree technique

If you want to get every block on a tree but just can't reach that top one, try leaving the bottom block intact (not cut down) and then jump on it to get the rest. Once done, harvest the bottom. If you still can't reach after using this, you'll have to place a block such as dirt below you to boost yourself up higher (see Pillar jumping) or use an adjacent piece of land and leave more than one block. For the giant 2x2 jungle/mega taiga trees, see the tree page for techniques.

Remember the pattern

Struggling to remember crafting patterns? Trying to make a bucket but instead you make a minecart (and waste 5 Iron Ingots!) or even a cauldron (and waste 7 ingots)? Take a closer look at a pattern, like the fishing pole pattern. Take notice of how the sticks and string line up to look like a fishing pole. Many patterns follow this trait, such as doors, which use two columns of wooden planks to make the rectangular shape of a door, and swords, which use two wooden planks, cobblestone, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamonds for the blade and a stick as the handle. (Or you could press ESC to stop the game and then visit the Crafting page for help.) Stack some items to avoid excess item dragging which wastes time. Try putting two diamonds in a helmet shape on top of diamond pants, etc.

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Here is a collection of Minecraft Bridges Images for mobile phone,Permissions explained !

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