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App: Calendar+ Free

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android4.0.3 and up
Calendar+ is an awesome Google Calendar application that helps you manage each event on your calendars. Calendar+ automatically synchronizes with all of your Google Accounts and displays events through various views and options.

Also Calendar+ provides quick add feature which enables users to add a new event in the blink of an eye. With Calendar+ you can add a new event with text or with voice input. Our natural language parsing engine understands various date and time formats and makes adding a new event easier than ever before. You can also:

- Add a new event with voice input- Add a new event through text- Create, edit, and delete events- Attach and see event-related photos- Attach and see event-related map- Switch week start day while viewing events- Switch current custom view settings while viewing events- Get notified of events ahead of time- Send an email to all invited guests- View events through various home widgets- Change event timezone when traveling- See daily events count through agenda view- Filter calendars to display while viewing events- Search events by event title- See recently searched location on map view- Set default calendar to add a new event (on quick add view and all edit views)- Hide declined events- Set up notifications & reminders settings (popup, sound, vibration setting)- Set up default reminder time- Add a new google calendar account- Long-press a date or a time and quickly add new event- See event title and location on a monthly/weekly/biweekly/3-week/4-week calendar- Specify various recurrence rules such as "every 3 months on day 15, 5 times" etc.- Tap a date on home widget and view event information or add a new event

and much more...

Future updates will include the following:

- Google Tasks integration- More notifications & reminders settings- More home widgets- Enhanced custom views- Facebook integration

and much more...

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