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App: Caller Name Announcer - Talker

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Caller Name Announcer -The Talker is the ultimate speaker app for any hands-free environment. - Simply Speaks Everything The Best and Unique in the category. Most Feature Rich and Used By over 990,000 people.Running for the Phone when phone rings or SMS tweets is a thing of past. Track your meeting and appointments better. Track your Phone Battery Charging and Plan it to re-energize more effectively.Smart Call Talker Announces: - Phone Caller Name Talker- Speaks SMS Sender Name & Content- Calendar Notifications with Title, Time and Content - (Caller Name Announcer - Pro version) - Important Battery Alerts which you can set for various battery levels..- Support Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French – Hear it all for Free, without the necessity of touching the phone.

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Take the call or decide to call later without touching the phone. Monitor the caller name, SMS sender, Meeting Invites and Low Battery notification hassle free, while you are driving or your Phone is in your pocket .

KEY FEATURES-One Tap to Caller Name Talker to Disable/Enable Call and SMS Announcing feature, without uninstalling the application.

-Easy & Fast Quiet Supports, Tap on Screen to stop caller name alert while phone is ringing.

-Caller Name Talker speaks out the caller name from Contact, it Voices the caller id over your existing ringtone.

-Speaks Un-Known, if caller name not found in the contact list.

-Customizable playing message by adding message before and after caller name, you make it say whatever you like before the caller id. Eg:- John Doe Calling, Boss Calling.

-Announce SMS Sender name while receiving an SMS.

-Read SMS content.

-Read Calender Event details.

-Speak-out the battery alert (low battery , charged etc.).

-Respects your sound profile setting, so no speaking if your phone is set to vibrate only or silent.

-Voice Settings for speed and pitch.

-Fun app in a way, like you can play funny or hilarious messages for some contacts to make fun out in your friend circle.

-Presently the application supports only English. In next version other language support would be available.

-Set a custom sentence for the automatic caller that you would like to hear after or before speaking the caller name.

-Clear and crisp audio quality.

If you want the contact name to be spoke in your language you must install a text to speech engine that supports you language (ex.: Ivona)

Caller Name Announcer - The Talker uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak out(voice) the caller name.

This program will not work if your phone doesn’t have text-to-speech data installed. No need to worry about that, Caller Name Announcer app is smart, it will redirect you to Google play to install text-to-speech data into your phone if your phone doesn’t have it pre-installed.

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