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App: Chaozhuyin

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
Chaozhuyin is the best Chinese phonetic symbol Input Method (Bopomofo IME) on Android platform. It is very easy to use with zero learning curve.

Features: ● To input a Chinese phrase, you only need to input the first phonetic symbol of each word, and you can add any remain symbols arbitrarily to narrow down the candidates you may want. ● NEW! Proximity correction: it'll smartly guess what word or phrase you want to input from neighbor keys. ● Provide several kinds of skins and colors of the soft keyboard. ● NEW! Swiping keyboard! ● NEW! English input method. ● NEW! Keyboard fan-shaped selector. ● NEW! Candidate selection dropdown. ● NEW! You can remove your user phrase now. (By swiping down on the phrase to be deleted.) ● NEW! Yitian keyboard layout. ● NEW! Up/down/left/right arrow keys, and voice recognition button. ● NEW! Move the system phrase database file to and from SD card. ● NEW! Backup/restore user phrase by yourself. ● You can build your own phrases into database, and save them to cloud by Android Backup Service. ● With great functionality of word or phrase guessing. ● Lexicon contains all the cities, streets, and roads name all around Taiwan. ● Support mobile and tablet devices, support hard keyboard. ● Able to import Chinese names in your contacts. ● Able to output Simplified Chinese. ● Support Android 1.6+.

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