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App: Clinical Sense

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
From the creators of the popular "Prognosis : Your Diagnosis", comes the refreshingly different, “Clinical Sense”.

As every clinician knows, decision making is the trickiest part of medicine.

Everyone expects you to make 'perfect' decisions - but even after years of medical training and clinical experience, it is often not easy to figure out what the right decision might be.

“Clinical Sense” consists of a series of scenarios which put your clinical judgement to the test, challenging you to decide between options that are seemingly similar, but ever so different in consequences.

Are you astute enough to make the right call over and over again? Are you tactful enough to work yourself out of the tricky spots you get yourself into owing to that SINGLE “not so correct” decision you've made?

Use “Clinical Sense” to brush up your clinical acumen in those short yet invaluable pockets of time in your busy schedule!

Each scenario is short enough to be completed within a couple of minutes, but at the same time provides insight into key aspects of the clinical approach.

Experienced MDs can expect a great refresher; residents and medical students will have the opportunity to improve their clinical decision making skills.

Behind the seemingly simple cartoon images lies a highly credible medical resource. Each scenario is referenced against contemporary medical literature, and follows current management guidelines.

New scenarios are added on a regular basis, and can downloaded without updating the app!

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