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App: Contacts Sync Fix

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Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
DISLAIMER: this app is free. No obligation to pay or click any ads. I will be gratefull for your donation to support my work but you can use this app for free - just click "Fix" button. Please email me before posting bad ratings.

This tool will help to fix some (not all) of the causes of "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." message from Google contacts sync. If this app does not work for you - it's because there are multiple causes for this error message. I've fixed some of those and I do not commit to fix all of them. If you really need help - try to send logs to me via alogcat or via the app itself.

***IMPORTANT: Always do a full contacts backup before running this application.***

In ad-supported version you will need to run fix every time you see a sync problem. If you donate you will be able to disable ads and get automatic fixes for all newly added contacts. There is no need to recreate account.Please note that if your sync was broken for a long time - you may have to manually confirm big amount of deletions during first sync after running this fix. See notification area for details.

If you are still getting an error after running this application - click Send Log button right after sync fail attempt. It will send me an email (you will be able to review it first) with error log data (if it finds any).

Version log:1.44* Added few NRE handlers. Added more donation options.1.43* Fixed exit issue (removed ads) for those of you who use adblock. Please consider donation1.41* Fixed a bunch of NREs. Changed FullScreen ad provider - had to add new permissions.1.39* Added support for contact authoritites on IPhone5 clones1.38* Fixed crash on service stop* Improved error reporting1.37* Improved error reporting1.36* Added intertestial ad. Fixed some NRE.1.35* Fixed failing service when task killers are used1.34* Added verbose logging1.33* Improved error reporting1.32* Improved stability. Added startup ad.1.31 * Fixed silent mode checkbox. Thanks to Evgenij Kardash for detailed reporting.1.30* Added quit button* Added silent autofix mode for donated versions* Added 2 more options for donations (functionality remains the same for each donation)* Fixed 2 possible exception causes1.29* Added details for multiple google accounts.1.28* Added detailed error output on what has happened* FIxed need to run scan twice (occasionaly)1.27* Fixed occasional crashes1.26* Fixed occasional crashes1.25* Improved stability* Added ru localization1.23* Fixed unexpected crashes cause (failure to query contacts). Added diagnostic message.1.22* Fixed unexpected crashes cause (failure to query groups). Added diagnostic message.1.21* Fixed unexpected crashes (please report if app crashes during execution)1.20* Service is not executed if less than 20% of battery is left* Service is on by default

Keywords: syncprovider, syncadapter, fix, sync, googleError message to be fixed in Spanish: En este momento hay incidencias con la sincronización. Se restablecerá en breve.Error message to be fixed in Japanese: 現在同期で問題が発生しています。しばらくお待ちください。.Error message to be fixed in South Korean: 현재 동기화에 문제가 발생했습니다. 잠시 후에 다시 실행됩니다.Error message to be fixed in German: Bei der Synchronisierung treten momentan Probleme auf. Sie wird in Kürze fortgesetzt.Error message to be fixed in French: La synchronisation rencontre des problèmes et sera bientôt rétablie.Error message to be fixed in Chinese: 目前同步處理發生問題。稍後會回復正常。.Error message to be fixed in Italian: La sincronizzazione presenta dei problemi. Riprenderà a breve.Error message to be fixed in Dutch: Er zijn momenteel problemen met de synchronisatie. Synchronisatie wordt snel opnieuw uitgevoerd.Error message to be fixed in Arabic: تواجه المزامنة حاليًا بعض المشاكل. وسوف تكون متاحة خلال وقت قصير.Error message to be fixed in Turkish: Şu anda senkronizasyon sorunları yaşanıyor. Kısa süre sonra düzeltilecek.

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