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App: Countdown Timer

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Category Productivity
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
"Countdown Timer" is a high quality Short Interval Timer and Quick Alarm with LARGE digits.

"Countdown Timer" makes taking time easy and fun. Just swipe and go!!

"Countdown Timer" is quick, reliable and battery efficient. With a handy widget, it is a great addition to your everyday gear.

"Countdown Timer" is a single instance timer, designed for SHORT intervals and NOT designed to count down to a specific date, nor count days. Auto-Repeat is NOT supported (yet).

YES: ✔ "ring in 15 minutes" / "..2 hours"✔ "wake me today at four o'clock" / "..tomorrow at 7"✔ "show huge & cool countdown until this midnight"✔ "display time left during an exam"✔ "I want to re-start last session with one tap"NO: ✗ "how many days until my birthday/vacation/release from service"✗ multiple timers in parallel✗ Ring automatically every 2 minutes

It is best as a cooking timer, public speaking timer, great for exercise, games, sports, tests, naps, night sleep, parking, etc (anything from 1 second to 99.9 hours).

. . . And it's totally FREE with no ads, no spam and no special permissions!

"Beautiful and robust timer. I use times for all sorts of things, this is one of the prettiest I have seen." - selected "App of the Day" March 7, 2013 by DroidOfTheDay (DotD)


[1] Interval Timer

Swipe h:mm:ss digits independently up&down to set any time period ⇢ Start to count down the seconds to zero ⇢ Get an alarm

[2] Quick Alarm

Make sure all digits are 000 ⇢ tap on the "start to" icon on the top right ⇢ Select time of day ⇢ Go!


✔ App Widget. . . Minimalist and elegant 2x1 design. . . Quick start previous runs. . . updates every 1 min, 1 sec or off

✔ Very reliable. . . Runs in the background. . . Wakes up the device if needed. . . Continues after boot. . . Backup beep, if your selected ringtone is missing. . . Battery efficient. . . ATTENTION: YOU MUST EXCLUDE / MARK AS IMPORTANT:. . . . . . Task killers / battery optimizer / Sony - Extended Standby Mode / Stamina mode

✔ Fun and Easy to use. . . Intuitive swipe interface. . . Smooth animation. . . Can set time of day for alarm, no need to calculate by yourself. . . Rollback button: to select a previous runs (enable from Settings). . . . . .Set a label to any history item, using long click. . . KISS (keep it simple..). . . See only what you need, when you need it. . . Easy enough for technophobes, and for all ages (5-120).. . . Ergonomic

✔ Cool to run. . . Smooth scrolling animation. . . Big digits when in landscape.. . . Keeps screen on (If you want & battery >10%). . . Animated Notification Bar.. . . Pixel perfect graphics, for all screen size, from small to tablet.. . . Progress bar in percent %. . . Optional "Early Warning" notification (default: hidden).

✔ Cool when time is up (Alarm). . . Plays ANY notification or alarm sound on your device. . . Vibration style selection!. . . Turns the screen on. . . Tap anywhere to silent it. . . Count down than up (past due time).. . . ❇NEW❇ Replay Button. (default: hidden). . . Snooze Button. (can be hidden).. . . Long press buttons for extra features

✔ Absolutely FREE!! No ads or spam of any kind

Thanks to volunteers for translating the app: 한국어, русский (✿ Артём Власенко), Português (✿ Andre Soeiro), Français, 正體中文 & 简体中文 (✿ Albert Chang 張育碩), Deutsch (✿ Frank Röber), Spanish (✿ Enrique Pareja), 日本人, हिंदी, עברית, Italian (✿ Jedigian), Romanian, Vietnamese, Norwegian (✿ Tim Bastiansen), Japanese (✿ Endo Kazuho)

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