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App: Crack Your Screen Prank

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Perfect way to fool your friends with this amazing prank app!

Now you can crack your screen by 3 different methods*:- Crack on SHAKE: Just one shake and screen will crack!- Crack on TOUCH: Just one touch on the screen and screen will crack immediately.- Auto Crack Timer: Screen will auto crack after 5,10,15... seconds.

* You can change the crack method in Settings/Preferences

With "Crack Your Screen" app, within a seconds your phone is ready. Just one shake and screen will crack!

Please be patient and report your device if you don't see any cracked / broken screen.

Why "Crack Your Screen" is the best prank app?Because after screen is cracked, you can still use your phone with full functionality, cracked screen or broken display image will be on the top of all your applications until you exit.

No Ads on cracked / broken screen!!

How to use!1. Press the "Ready" button.2. Shake your phone.3. Oops your screen is cracked.4. Shake again for repair.

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Have a lot of fun!

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