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App: DataDiary – Data Usage Monitor

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
DataDiary offers a simple and hassle-free way to understand how much data is consumed on your device.

DataDiary acts as your personal data manager to identify the data guzzlers on your device. It helps you track your daily data usage so that you save money by avoiding huge mobile data bills. This useful data monitoring app helps track exactly how you consume mobile data on apps, the various networks you connect to and also during each hour of the day.

Understand your Smartphones data usage and be in control of how much data you are consuming using these features:

App DataDiary – Helps you understand how much data is used by each app on your phone. Network DataDiary – Helps Monitor data usage by cellular and Wi-Fi networks you connect to Hourly DataDiary - Check hourly data usage to understand the time of the day when your usage is highestTrends - Check your usage trends across previous months/ weeks *Weekly and monthly view will be based on the calendar month

Take the guesswork out of how you consume data by downloading DataDiary. It’s the best data monitoring app that your smartphone deserves.

PS. Please wait for an hour for the charts to be displayed after installing DataDiary.

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