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App: Face Off

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Category Entertainment
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Try on new bodies like clothes! How would you look as Superman?... As a ballet dancer?... As Legolas?... Just load your face (or a friend's, or a teacher's, or a boss's face - whoever you love or hate the most :)) into our app, and try on dozens of different body templates. Find the funniest one and share your new photos online! There's no fiddling with sliders trying to match the face to the template: Face Off detects faces in photos and automatically places them in the correct place 95% of the time (but we have controls to fine-tune face placement for the remaining 5% :) ). The perfect app to create your next Facebook profile picture! ;)

- Internet connection is *NOT* required - Very easy to use: automatic face detection and placement - Growing selection of templates with every new update - Choose portraits from your gallery or take a picture with the built-in camera - Save pictures to your device or SD card - Share your newly created photos online - Installing to SD card is supported - Compatible with Honeycomb (Android 3.x) and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x) devices - Added: Christmas themed templates!

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