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App: Facebook Spy

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Category Email & Messaging
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Do you have friends on Facebook who are rarely online, but you would like to chat with them? Here is the solution because your phone will notify you when they are online. :) Don't worry, it won't wake you up at the middle of the night, because you can set a period of time to spy them.Would you like to know who is online without turning on your Facebook chat? Here is the solution because you can watch who is online or idle on Facebook chat.You can watch who was online in the past. Eg.: 15 days ago at 5 o’ clock*.

Features:-Get notified when selected friends turn on their chat-Watch who is online without turnin on your chat-Online history of all your friends-Very customisable settings for every friend

(This program is based on Facebook, so you need to be a facebook user to use it.This is not a product of Facebook and it is not sponsored by Facebook.)

Write an e-mail if you have any problems or ideas:

*Since the app is installed, due to privacy this data is stored only on your device.

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