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App: Fart Library

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
For thousands of years of civilization, farts were an integral part of everyday life for man. In the days of the Stone Age farts was the main method of communication between people, because the spoken tongue and the Alphabet came much later. In ancient Egypt farting was a sacred ritual during the pharaohs inoguration; The ancient Romans used different farting techniques at the meetings of the Senate, so as to more convincingly argue their thesis. Even now farting has not lost its relevance - it is impossible to express negative opinion without it to a good movie or even when writing new laws. This ability of the human body, sung by poets and philosophers, remains an essential component of our society to this day. This library is the most complete collection of fart samples today. A large number of examples of various farts immerse to the listener in an interesting and vast world of human and animal life. Here are the most rare examples of farts collected from all over the world, whether its a stunningly slow, low bass fart of a fat man on a toilet or light highly resonating fart of a listed in the Red Book Tree Frog. Even the most experienced listener will find some suitable material for a quiet romantic evening with your loved one or a heated political debate with one another. We suggest you do not put off and plunge into the mysterious world of farts, start right now!
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