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App: Find Free Stuff

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
The best free stuff finder online!

***Please use it to find free stuff only in the US***

Are you an avid deal seeker? Do you always know the when and where of the best sales? If so, you like to save money. But, you may be wasting your time looking for the best prices. Have you ever tried searching for free stuff first?

Our FREE app enables you to scour the internet for the best deals on a wide range of items. After all, the best deal is a free deal! Find free items that include, but aren’t limited to, books, movies, toys, home decor, clothes, appliances, and furniture.

You have no idea how much money you could save until you start searching for free things.

To Use:

* Search with a keyword phrase (toys, movies, clothes - whatever you are looking for).* Enter in a zip code OR city and state.* Send your search to your free things list; see listings from across the internet.* Sort your list based on title and location.* Tap a listing to see the full for sale listing online.* Tap a phone number to auto dial the seller.


* Search all the best classifieds at once.* See summary of for sale listing (i.e.) picture, short description, and more.* Sort listings based on title or location.* Remove free posts and free ads for easy comparing, click the red X.* Forward a listing onto a friend via email, Facebook, or Twitter via green share icon.* Add a listing to your favorites, click the yellow star icon.* Select all or unselect all.* Share multiple listings via Facebook, email, or Twitter.* Delete multiple listings at once.* Use action menu to favorite multiple listings at once.* Click action menu to view your favorites.* Click listing to see the full free sale listing or free sale item on the original website (i.e Craigslist).* Auto dialer sellers with one tap!* Easily start a new search to try a different keyword or keyword phrase.

If you have any questions, comments, need troubleshooting assistance, or if you would like to have this android app customized to fit your personal wants and needs, please contact us directly at

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