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App: Find My iPhone free via icloud

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Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
With this app you can easily locate/track any iPhone/iPad/iMac/iPod Touch and view it on a Google Maps interface right on your Android device! It works similar to Apple's "Find My iPhone" app using iCloud with tons of extra features.

Did you or a friend lose/misplace their iPhone/iPad/iMac/iPod Touch and there isn't a computer nearby to locate it? Ever try to locate any of those devices from an Android device? Sounds simple, doesn't it? Unfortunately Apple has made that difficult to do from an Android device.

There is no other free Find My iPhone app in the Google Play store, let alone one that is as fast, responsive and full of features as this one. It is the most downloaded Find My iPhone app in the Play store.

If you have ANY questions or problems running the app PLEASE contact me first ( before writing a negative review, I can help. Thanks and enjoy the app.

Requirements:* iPhone/iPad/iMac/iPod Touch must be configured and currently enabled with "Find My iPhone" and Location Services prior to locating (visit for more info)* Must have iCloud credentials for device(s) searching for* Latest Google Play Services

Free Features (Keep this FREE version available, by please clicking on ads you're interested in! Thanks!):* Location on map including accuracy radius circle* Postal address approximation of device* Battery charge percentage of device and device charging status* Old stale locations are faded in color* Multiple devices under same iCloud account are displayed in different colors* Ability to view Google map in hybrid or normal mode* Works in both portrait and landscape mode* Driving Directions (Google Maps)* Google Street View of device location* Auto-Refresh (30 min)

Paid Geofence Product FeaturesA geofence is a virtual barrier. Geo-fencing allows a trigger when one or more devices enter or exit the boundaries defined.

* No ads* Geofences can be placed on the map (resizable)* When devices enter/leave geofence, the geofence will turn red and a notification will be sent to the Android device.

Instructions on how to use:1. Click(long click) on location of the map where you want to place geofence, then select type of geofence2. The geofence can be resized by clicking within the geofence boundary or clicking the fence marker, then clicking "Edit" on the bottom of the screen.3. The geofence can be reset by clicking within the geofence boundary or clicking the fence marker, then clicking "Reset". This re-calculates the active devices located inside of geofence to track and turns it back green.4. All devices being tracked can be seen when clicking desired geofence marker.5. If any device that is being tracked leaves geofence, a notification(audible/vibrate) will be sent out and geofence will turn red.

Paid Premium Product Features* No ads displayed* Multiple iCloud accounts enabled - The ability to enter multiple iCloud accounts and have devices from each of those account displayed on one map* Lost Mode - Device will be locked using PIN you enter. To unlock the device, use the same PIN* Customized Auto-refresh time(1,5,10,15,30,45 min) - If the minutes value is too low for a long period of time, it may start impact negatively Apple and Android device battery* Historical Markers saved and loadable* Exportable device history to file (CSV and KML) - KML can be imported into Google Maps - CSV can be imported into apps like Excel

Premium and Geofence version may be purchased within the free app by going to "Purchase"

FAQ are located within app under "Help"

Submit Bugs:1) Clear app cache (Manage Apps->Clear Data)2) Reproduce bug/problem3) "Settings->Send Logs"4) Please add a description of problem

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