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App: Freestyler Pro - Rap Battle

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Freestyling App! (follow on twitter @fspApp)

Freestyle Solo or Battle with friends!

Send high quality freestyles to your friends! Become a Rapper oVeRnIgHt!

Record Freestyles on your own and save them to your phones memory!

Use as an instant voice messaging service with your friends!

1. Login or create account by clicking My Hommies, or Battle, or alternatively, click MENU in main screen and choose Login. !!Remember!! USERNAME and PASSWORD are case-sensitive! 2. After logging in or Registering, you can battle as long as you have someone to battle with (AUTO-FIND-HOMMIE feature coming soon!), for now you have to know your friend's username to battle with them. So TELL YOUR RAP HOMMIE to get this APP! CLICK MY HOMMIES, theres a search button at the bottom of the screen. Enter their username (CASE SENSITIVE!), they will receive a request and can choose to ACCEPT or DECLINE. If they ACCEPT, you will get a NOTIFICATION. 3. once you have hommies to battle, click BATTLE from apps main screen. 4. RECORD! play a beat if you want...or ACAPELLA! Click RECORD button at the bottom (its a mic). if your in the car, you can play the beat through the car stereo and flow make a freestyle that way! 5. STOP recording, you can PREVIEW or send to friends!


NOTE: if you like to send long freestyles (as in more then 30 secs, I would recommend using WiFi since the audio is pretty good quality, the file size can easily run a few megabytes).

For those that are privacy conscious, the FIND ACCOUNTS ON THE DEVICE permission is only used in one place in the whole app. It is used to detect the default google account on the device and to populate that automatically in the Registration screen's email address field.

specifically right here:DEFAULT_EMAIL_ACCOUNT = AccountManager.get(this).getAccountsByType("")[0];

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