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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Lock, Locate, Recover, Diagnose, and Transfer Data with The Geek Squad App. Mobile devices and data are increasingly susceptible to loss, theft and damage, and the Geek Squad App contains a powerful set of security and diagnostic tools to give you peace of mind. The app also allows you to simply transfer data from your old phone to your new phone.

Lock, Locate and Recover your device
If your device is lost or stolen, you now have access to a host of features to intuitively lock, locate and recover it. Once the app is installed you can use our Locked & Found online portal to:• Lock your device to prevent use• Locate your device on a map• Assist with recovery - device 'scream' to aid location and picture capture of the finder to encourage return• Remotely wipe your device of all of your personal data if recovery is not possibleOur recovery team is also available online 24/7/365 to assist. If we find your device we will ship it back to you free of charge. 

Device Diagnostics
Tap into the brainpower of a Geek Squad Agent with a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools to help you easily solve problems you may encounter with your device. If your device still requires some Geek Squad love, then the app can connect you with an agent or point you towards your nearest Geek Squad Precinct for repair or exchange. 

Data TransferIf you have a new phone and want to transfer data to it from your old phone then you can use the transfer feature to simply move contacts, images and videos. Transfers currently supported are from any combination of iOS and Android phones.

Message CenterKeep up-to-date with important account related information and a variety of special offers through the secure message center.

All these great Geek Squad App features are free with Geek Squad Protection.
Happily protecting your mobile world. 

The Geek Squad

The Geek Squad Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. But don't worry as we have optimized the app for this so we only turn on GPS when you need it

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