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App: Glassy Pro | Time to Surf

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Welcome to Glassy Pro, a project that’s going to revolutionize the surf world.

There’s recently been a boom in sport-related technology, related to running, cycling, etc, but there hasn’t been anything in the boardsports field… Until now! Glassy Pro is here to complete your surfing experience. Our aim is to provide you with technology that makes life even better.

You can receive notifications when your favorite spots are pumping, chart your surfing performance and that of your friends, view a history of your surf sessions, along with many other features and surprises that we have up our sleeves!

The app aims to be the command centre for glassy Pro users, where they can find out all kinds of surf information, no matter where they are.

So, what will you find in this first version? One of the key features is the ability to create a personalised list of your favorite and nearby surf spots. You can instantly view the surf and weather conditions there (so that you can quickly make the decision to skive off work and go surfing!) This feature is supported by a world map of public spots, which you will find on the platform. At the moment we already have more than 4,000 spots worldwide, and expect to have over 10,000 by 2013.

Another key aspect is the sessions feature. This is where you can see a history of all your previous surf sessions (with information such as the surf conditions that day, the board that you used, and much more). With Glassy, it is really easy to record the length of your surf session, just initiate the timer and leave the phone idle before getting in the water. When you’re done, reactivate the application – it will have registered the total time surfed and the conditions. You can then share the session on Facebook and Twitter (just remember to link up your accounts in settings).

As your number of sessions increases, so will your level. In future versions of Glassy you will also be able to see your friend’s levels and compete with them.

This version aims to be the base of a solid application with a revolutionary future. Here are the functions of, version 1.1:


You can programme personalised notifications for spot-specific surf and weather conditions. You will receive a push notification on your phone when, for example, it’s ten feet overhead at Teahupoo (hmm…I think I’ll just watch from the beach, thanks!).

Active Filters

In order to facilitate the search for spots that have the exact characteristics that you want, there are several filters. For example, if you want a right-hand break, just say so! There are more than 15 filters to help you find your perfect spot.

Spot Distance

A key function when you’re mobile. Find out how far you are from your favourite spot, or where’s the closest spot with good conditions.

It’s all shaping up nicely, right? We are working tirelessly to improve your experience with Glassy.Pro, and trust me, it won’t cease to amaze you.

We’ve got a few more months of hard work in front of us and we want all you surf lovers out there to help us create the perfect product. You can hit us with any ideas or questions that you have about the project through the contact email.

Welcome to Glassy Pro, the definitive surfing app. It’s a pleasure creating this project for you.

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