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App: GO Launcher Fonts

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Category Personalization
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
57 new fonts for your GO Launcher Ex, GO SMS Pro and GO Keyboard.Supports App2SD.

Setup the fonts in your GO Launcher settings.

It is also working for GO SMS Pro (Layout Settings) and GO Keyboard (Advanced Settings).

How to select a font within GO Launcher Ex:Home Screen -> Open Menu -> Select "Preferences" -> "Visual Settings" -> "Font" -> "Scan font" -> "Select font"

****Uninstalling the app removes all the fonts. Nothing is left behind on your phone.****

Fonts:- OSP-DIN- CursiveSerif- Alfphabet- Segment14- Dotrice-Bold- PressStart2P- GNUTypewriter- Ubuntu-Title- MedievalSharp- LiberationSerif-Bold- YanoneKaffeesatz- GoudyBookletter1911- MaidenOrange- Lobster- WalterTorncoat- VT323- CarterOne- Geo-Regular- Sancreek- Salsa- Rancho- Schoolbell- JustAnotherHand- Roboto- ...

This fonts on your PC or Mac?

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