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App: GPS coordinates and location

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
A simple application with crude, but adequate, support for 40 languages. Allows you to share your position via email, text message, twitter, etc, and displays your current GPS location in both decimal format and in sexagesimal (degrees minutes seconds) format. Data service is not required to send your location with a text message. View your position on Google maps. It also displays the accuracy of your signal, and time since you last received a valid GPS signal. Useful for when you just want a position fix or want to determine GPS dead spots.This description is auto translated Click to read the original English descriptionIf you like this application, you may be interested in the full version depending on your needs.

If you are mainly interested in altitude, this newly released application may be better for you.

*** Important! *** Common user mistakes:- This application uses satellite based GPS, so do not expect it to work well under a roof. For best results, go outside away from any tall buildings where there is a good view of much of the sky.Please note that this application has not been tested on all phones (There are too many to test). You should test it on your device before you rely on it.Frequently asked questionsWhat is the difference between satellite and network based location?Satellite location is usually more precise and does not require a data connection. However, it does not work well under a roof.Network location works well under a roof. It requires a data connection and nearby WIFI networks.For best results with this application, we recommend that you enable both.Why are the coordinates sometimes orange?They are orange when the signal is coming from the network location provider. This only happens when satellite is not available or the network location provider is more accurate.Which datum does it use?WGS 84Why does the user have to select their language?Because the translation is not great. Many non-native English speakers prefer to use English for this app. Otherwise, they would have to change their device language setting and that would change everything on their device.Why don't you translate the app professionally?It is a lot of work. Also, every update would require talking to (and paying) 40 translators. This is a very simple app that should be useable even with poor translations.

Update HistoryMarch 4, 2014version 1.66- now also uses network location when satellite is not available.

March 3, 2014version 1.64- updated to Android 4 (unfortunately, this makes the application about 25% larger)- added 3 more languages- small bug fixes

December 4, 2013version 1.62- Error catch to prevent devices without a GPS receiver from crashing. Some manufactures incorrectly include satellite GPS capability in the device manifest.- Removed an ad library

August 2013version 1.61- Better scaling for different displays..- Option to keep GPS going in the background for X minutes when you exit via the home key. It takes significantly longer to acquire the first position than subsequent positions. Default time is 1 minute. If you exit via the back key, GPS access is immediately stopped.- Separate buttons for email and text (saves you 1 click)


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