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Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!

The BEST phone tracker App on the market!!!

This is the one you want…hit download now.

With this tracking App you can locate, find and track other people through the use of GPS and Mapping. Note, the app would find only the number that is registred on our server, so to track the phone number of another person, both should install the app and register the phone which is stored on a Global server. If phone number any of your friend is not configured the app would automatically prompt to send an invitation to them to use this app and set their number up!

Keep track of your children, partner, employees and anyone else that you choose to track.

Set your phone up, set their phone up, apply the settings and permissions and then you can see where and when your people are on the move.

Great to make sure your kids made it home from school…or if they are really where they say they are!

How about that employee that you want to make sure is doing business on business time?

Spouse and partners…now you can know the truth of how they spend their day!As an added bonus, it will also help you locate a lost or stolen phone.

Not a bad way to get a girl's or guy's phone number as well ;-)

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