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App: Group SMS & Mass Bulk Texting

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Want to text with your customers? This is your app! Not only can you send out specials and information to all your clients at once, it will answer their most common questions for you:

Customer text to you: "How late are you open?"Automatic reply: "Our hours are Mon-Fri 8a-5pm and Sat 10a-4p"Program the app to answer any question!

This is a great tool for any small to medium sized business that wants a cheap and effective text message customer service and marketing system. You can send promotional messages with the touch of a few buttons from a Android powered mobile device.

We have more powerful features than any other SMS marketing system, including website short code providers, and at a fraction of their cost.

6,000 texts with the average online service at 4 cents each is $240, with ours it's $29.95!

With this mass SMS texting program you can create group lists and send them new or saved preset text messages. The app sends each text one at a time. There is no “reply-all” and you don’t have to worry about a recipient knowing who else you sent that text to.

Have slow hours in the day? Text your subscribers and get customers into your business during times of the day that are not making you money like they should.

Tired of Short Code prices? Business Texter is 90% less expensive! We have more features, more control and lower costs.

Get started with 1,000 FREE mass group texts.

Free SMS Marketing Software Features:

✔ Uses your normal phone number, not a short code✔ Have an existing list, upload and import them into the app✔ Send up to 5,000 text messages per hour✔ Store up to 500,000 contacts per device✔ Program automatic replies to customers texts✔ Tools for grouping and categorizing your customers ✔ Send to specific lists of your customers, or message them all at once✔ Create messages ahead of time and schedule them for future delivery✔ Backup contacts and preferences to SD Card and restore on another device✔ Natural language Opt-Out makes it easy for customers to remove themselves from your list

Free Customer Service Features:

✔ Answer frequently asked questions through texting✔ Respond to questions about your hours, location, services, etc✔ Send automated followup messages like “Thank You,” and others✔ Send timed followup messages 72 hours, 10 days, 30 days and even up to 180 days later✔ Send survey questions like “How Was Your Experience,” “How Can We Improve?,” etc

SMS Text Marketing Cost Savings:

✔ With BizTexter you don’t have to pay a per-text fee!✔ Business Texter gives you 1000 texts for free the 1st month✔ No fees based on the size of your customer list✔ Unlimited advanced features for all subscription levels✔ Get an advantage over the competition that think texting is expensive

STOP paying per text fees with short codes that people can't call back! Business Texter uses the unlimited texting plan on your phone to quickly message your customers at up to 5,000 texts per hour from a real phone number.

WARNING! Do not use this app for international texting unless your phone has an unlimited international texting plan!

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