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App: Hack Facebook Pro (+18)

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Have you ever wanted to know what your significant other is doing on Facebook?Do you want to get control of somebody's else Facebook account?Wanna hack just for fun and show your friends your "capabilities"?

All those questions and others have one answer and solution.. Our application "Hack Facebook Pro (+18)" is the answer for your prayers! and all for FREE!!!! use it wisely and be responsible about your actions in the next step..

just one step needed:Enter the victim's email or username into the text box and hit the "Access Account" button..

The application will then get a successful connection to our servers and checking the email against our growing databases.. Running the latest exploits found in Facebook security to get the hash file where the victims password is encrypted.. Nicely deciphering the password and checking if there is successful logging in and voila! you're into your victims account..

Please be careful about what it is about to happen next.. continue on your own responsibility!!!

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