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App: Hearing Aid Control

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Category Medical
Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
This simple application allows control of any hearing aid supporting DTMF tone control, such as Starkeys "T² Remote" enabled hearing aids or Specsavers hearing aids.

Control your hearing aid with only 6 large buttons.

Each button can be individually configured. Assign each button the code sequence valid for your hearing aid. Refer to the hearing aid manufacturer's manual to get the codes valid for your device.

You can also set the number of seconds you want to delay the DTMF tone sequence prior to playback, in order to have time to move the phone to the ear. Default is 2 seconds.

Additionally, you can also set the duration (in milliseconds) between each tone code. Default is 600 milliseconds, configurable in the Settings menu.

Please note that too high volume may damage your ear and hearing!Test the tone intensity prior to moving the device close to your ear!The tone volume intensity can be controlled and adjusted with the volume buttons at the side of your phone or tablet.

You can also set vibration at key button press to on (1) or off (0), configurable in the Settings menu.

At start, the application is preconfigured for Starkey hearing aids, but can easily be changed to your codes in the Settings menu.

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