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App: Led Flashlight Plus

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Category Tools
Requires os version:Android2.0 and up
Led Flashlight Plus is the fastest loading led app in the Play Store.

Most devices have a led light on the back, so why bother having a ton of features you don't need and will never use. This is the best led flashlight app because it does what is suppose to do, turn the led on. Don't bother doing anything else.


- Super fast loading.- Nice blue Led Flashlight On/Off Button.- Lock option by clicking on the Menu. This option disables the On/Off button and keeps the light ON even if you switch to another app(you can't use the camera while in lock mode).- Hi resolution HD images, one for each resolution screen size.- Awesome home screen icon.- Prevents the device from switching to sleep mode.

NOTE:Your phone needs to have a led flashlight in the back for this app to work. All flashlights are leds, so if you have flash on your camera, this app should work. Please do not download/complain if your phone doesn't have one.

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