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App: Lemonade: Renters & Homeowners Insurance

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Requires os version:Android4.0.3 and up
“Got home insurance. Took <2 minutes. Holy s#@% this is great! Last time I got insurance, I was asked to fax stuff over…” #TechForTheWinSOME QUICK LEMONADE STATS• Financial rating of “A” exceptional• Reinsured by the most trusted names on the planet• World record for the fastest claim handled (3 secs!!)• 90 secs to get a policy through our app• Live in: CA, IL, NV, NJ, NY, OH, RI & TXWHY LEMONADE FOR INSURANCEIt’s like your “undo” button for real life• No Hassle: There’s no need to wait around for snail mail or talk on the phone w/ agents - get a policy with the Lemonade app whenever and wherever you are.• Socially Driven: As a B-Corp, social good is baked into our business model: we take a flat fee, use the rest to pay claims (super fast!), and give back what’s left to charities you care about.• Devoted Team: Our powerful tech and AI free up our dedicated customer experience team and claims specialists to help you when you need it most.HOW LEMONADE IS DIFFERENT• Zero Everything: It’s the closest thing to an undo button for real life. It’s a no deductible feature you can use up to two times a year without any increase in pricing. #winning• Live Policy: Want to personalize your coverage? Add your sig other? Cancel your policy and get a new one at a different address? Do it all with a couple of taps on your phone.• Self-Serve: Extra Coverage Add a valuable to your policy anytime, without any back and forth… with anyone! Open the Lemonade app, take a pic of your item and receipt, and voilà, it’s covered.WHAT LEMONADE USERS ARE SAYING“I went from a claim to a full refund in <24 hours, all from my phone. Big fan and hope they can keep making people happy.” - Alex“The app is easy to use and looks good. I didn’t have any trouble tailoring my policy to the coverage I wanted, and my premium is still 4x less than I was paying before Lemonade.” - Alyssa“Highly recommend this app for renter’s/home Insurance! Bonus- they give whatever is not spent from your premium back to a charity of your choice!” - Kelly“Excellent quick simple way to get home or renters insurance! I spend all day on the phone at work this keeps me from having to do it for insurance too.” - JakeLET’S MAKE LEMONADE!Lemonade is rolling out nationwide and is currently available in: California, Illinois, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas.Stay tuned → BE FRIENDS?→→→→ LEGAL STUFFTerms of Service: Policy: Stuff on Lemonade: for reading all 2,774 characters! Give yourself a pat on the back
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