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App: Media to Snaps

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
Send any picture or video from Gallery to friends that use "Snapch..."-Features:[+]Send fake photos[+]Send fake videos[+]Add fake Story Snap[+]Service to replace automatically (version 4.3+)

*This isn't a official Snapchat client. You need Snapchat installed to use my program.

-Tutorial (INDER):1- Chose media(if you want video select video on checkbox)2- After, disable internet networks.(airplane mode easier and faster)3- Then, return and click again and take the snapchat and send it.4- Replace Snap: 4.1- If you have service activate, it automatically replaces and you can enable networks and try to resend failed snapchat. 4.2- If you don't have service activate, return and click again and it replace. Now you can enable networks try to resend failed snapchat.

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