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App: Musical Instruments Free

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
“Musical Instruments Free” android app is here to make you enjoy beautiful melodies of your favorite music instruments.

Set your favorite musical instrument sound as a ringtone, sms sound or an alarm. Use them as an educational tool that helps kids and other people learn more about music instruments and music in general. You can play educational games with your family all day to guess the name of the instrument when you hear the melody.

There are many types of instruments you can find in this free app. Choose which type you like the most.

One of the most popular kinds of instruments is keyboard instruments with its representative piano. The other important instrument, especially in some cultures is accordion, while organ is usually connected to spiritual music.

You can also find the list of percussion instruments such as drums, triangle, and gong. In addition to that, there are some instruments that are specific for some parts of world such as maracas or marimba.

Then, you can find two types of wind instruments; one of those is a group of brass instruments such as trombone, trumpet, and tuba, while the other group consists of woodwind instruments - clarinet, oboe and an instrument that seems like it doesn’t belong to this group because it is not made of wood – saxophone.If you prefer string instruments you can find the wonderful melodies played by the classical guitar, which is one of the most popular instruments of this group, then there are violin, cello and many other.

Some of melodies are played by electronic instruments such as electric guitar (blues and rock) and bass guitar.

Beside these ordinary ones, there are some African music instruments such as djembe, dgeridoo - developed by indigenous Australians, ukulele – a Hawaiian guitar, sarangi – one of string Indian musical instruments and many other interesting instruments.

Choose the sounds from the list of musical instruments and enjoy, because music is a medicine of the mind.

Musical Instruments Free Features: ==========================- Set as ringtone for android / contact ringtone / alarm sound / sms sound

- Set timer to play the sound

- Set widget button of favorite sounds on your phone home screen

Notes: =====

1. "Set as Alarm" command will not affect existing alarms, only the new ones you create. You can delete existing alarm and create new one.

2. To set widget: Long click on your home screen > Add widget > Choose "Musical Instruments Free" from the list > Pick a sound.

When you choose the category of musical instruments you want to listen, play the sound with a short click on the instrument. If you want to use the features of that sound, with a long click on the icon you can choose the feature you want.

This is the best app with musical instruments for children that will make kids love music even more!

Legal info: =========

Sound clips used in Musical Instruments Free app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license. App design and code copyright Best Ringtones Apps - 2014.

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