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App: Opinia 360

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Category Social & Community
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Have you thought how simple to use technology can alter we exercise democracy in our everyday lives?360 is a free and easy to use platform whihc allows user to express their opinions in the form of opinion polls and multiple choice answers.the application offers a wide areas of interest that user would like to express their opinions on, ranging from current affairs to food and literature. There are a range of opinions needing a voice. Once you've responded, you can access real-time results. The data allows you to explore how opinions vary between age, gender, state, occupation, religion or income group. You can draw your own conclusions and gain a deeper understanding of how different parts of society think, at any given point of time.You can share results with social media integration and host discussion on the issues that are closed to your heart.

‘Trending Opinia’ are based on Opinia Polls, which have received the largest public response. The stories are interwoven with visual data and other resources. Opinia listens to the voice of the people, so you can learn from it.It’s simple.It just takes a few seconds and one thoughtful click, you can now be a part of an dedicated attempt the way we exercise democracy and change the conscious of our society.

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