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App: Pinngo

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Category Lifestyle
Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
The Pinngo, an app where you can participate in quests and be rewarded for it.

It's simple! Just download the application, sign-in and complete the missions available to you. Finishing the mission, you will accumulate points in your account, so the more missions you complete, more you can earn.

To redeem your balance, you can directly convert your points into cash, transferred to your bank account, or, if you prefer, you can redeem your points for products and services.

We have two types of missions for you: the Local and Distance.

To complete Local Missions is necessary to access start the mission inside the establishment marked on the map.Distance Missions can be done from anywhere, whenever they are available.

We work daily so you get more and more satisfied! So, if you have new ideas and comments, please write an email to

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