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App: Pirate Ships Saga

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Category Adventure
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Pirate Ships Saga, the one and only EPIC adventure for real pirates! Pirate Ships Saga features exciting game play which combines both naval exploration and ship customization. In the game, you can build cabins and recruit a crew while exploring different areas on a real pirate treasure map. Hop aboard and experience wild adventures in Pirates Ships Saga!

What other players are saying:★★★ “COOL game! Graphics are awesome. Always a new adventure around the corner!”★★★ “Love customizing my ship and sailor crew! GREAT Treasure Hunts!”★★★ “Awesome battle skills! FUN raid system!”

Set sail and experience:1. SUPER BRUTAL PIRATE BATTLESWhile you sail through mysterious places like Mughal Pass and Demon Triangle, you will fight dangerous pirates and brutal bosses!2. AWESOME DIY SHIP UPGRADESChoose from grand vessels like the Flying Dutchman or the Black Pearl, or, for the jolly pirate, choose from a nice little paper boatie or a rubber duckie!3. YOUR VERY OWN PIRATE CREWYou can recruit the very best of pirates and navigators, including famous names like Blackbeard, Captain Jack and Columbus!4. IMPRESSIVE 3D GRAPHICSWhile you explore uncharted territory, enjoy the stunning views created in the Unity 3D Engine!5. UNITE IN GUILDS AND FIGHT IN THE ARENAYou can find plenty of PVP action during the epic Guild Colony Wars and in Arena battles. Ready your ship and challenge others!

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