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App: Pokedex XY Free

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Pokedex XY is a simple, lightweight Pokedex application to be used with Pokemon X and Y.

It is designed to be the quickest, most-efficient Pokedex on Android. The first time images are loaded, you may notice frameskip but after that you should be flying!

Pokedex XY currently has information on Pokemon, Abilities, TMs/HMs, Items, and Moves. Simple searches can be done on these fields, but an Advanced search will be added in the future.

The lightweight UI offered by Pokedex XY follows Android's official 48dp rhythm guidelines and used modern Roboto fonts. There is also a navigation drawer allowing you to traverse through various aspects of the app.

Plans for later release:- Add tablet support- Add advanced search- Add Pokemon locations- EVs- Stat calculation- Much more!

Free version differences:- Ads on main list pages

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