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App: PreLaunch.Me-PreRegister Games

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Requires os version:Android4.0.3 and up

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★★★★★ "Amazing App - Love the idea of this App. Gives you inside access to up and coming Games. Pre-registration ability and you get gifts for pre-registering, how awesome is that."★★★★★ "Luv it - So far it is great. Shares the latest on new up and coming app games. Gives you the ability to search specifically and share your pre-registration with other like minded gamers."★★★★★ "Love notifications of upcoming games"

Ever wish you started playing that immersing new game before all your friends did? PreLaunch.Me is a preregistration app for unreleased midcore games by your favorite developers!

Discover, follow, and learn more about midcore games weeks before they appear in the app store. Find exclusive information about the newest upcoming games through PreLaunch.Me. Preregister for the upcoming games you're interested in to stay updated on the latest news and events, and receive push notifications when the games go live!

You can also receive exclusive FREE promotional gifts for following your soon-to-be favorite games to make sure you dominate the leader boards when it's time to play!


1. DON'T MISS OUT.PreLaunch.Me has a unique database of news and information on the latest unreleased game apps by your favorite developers. Use PreLaunch.Me to discover and preregister for cool new games before they launch, within your favorite genres (action, card battle, racing, RPG, shooting, sports, and strategy). Once you've preregistered for your favorite midcore titles, you'll receive updates and exclusive in-game bonuses that will help you advance quickly past all your friends. Don't worry about remembering the launch dates for all your favorite upcoming games, PreLaunch.Me will send you a push notification when a game you've preregistered for is live, letting you know when it's time to play!

2. CHAT WITH DEVELOPERS.Have some insights to share with your favorite developers? Let them know what you think about their upcoming releases through our chat system.

3. BE PART OF A COMMUNITY.See which upcoming releases are buzzing with interest within the gaming community. Discuss future releases with other midcore gamers and even the game developers themselves. Connect with Facebook to see which new games your friends are interested in and stay on top of the latest games.

4. FREEBIES!!!Receive FREE in-game promo gifts for preregistering for your soon-to-be favorite midcore games, and begin playing as soon as the game launches with the help of PreLaunch.Me's automatic push notifications.

***Currently only available in USA. UK, Canada & Australia to follow.

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