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App: Purify —Save Power Boost Speed

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Purify is a light tool helping you optimize your Android phones and tablets. It can automatically put less used apps into hibernation, boosting your Android devices speed and saving more power by extending battery life.

***Attention***Purify now only works with ROOT access and it will not function if your Android phones or tablets are not rooted! ***************

##Why users love purify

**Save Battery:

Purify put apps into hibernation when they are not in use, in other words, leverage the running privileges of apps. This effective feature is automatically enabled and constantly improves the battery life of your Android phones and tablets. Here’s a testimonial from our user: "Now with purify app every 1% battery stays for a very good time while using. A light yet effective battery saver".

**Boost Devices:After identifying apps that frequently auto start and slower system running, Purify automatically places them into hibernation, removing their privileges in order to save system memory and optimize the running speed. Purify can also improve the performance of apps you use regularly by auto managing the amount of memory they consume. “It's an effective speed tool for my old phone,” says one of Purify users.

**Archive Notifications:

With Root access, Purify can effectively archive all notifications and give you a clean and optimize notification bar. You can clear notifications in batch and manage privileges to decide whether they should be displayed as normal.

**Remove Bloatware

With root permission, Purify has the ability to delete all bloatware that annoys you daily. Try this pro feature through Tools menu at the bottom of the home screen. It helps to boost system running speed and save a lot of power!

## Why does Purify require root access?

Purify needs to block the ability of apps to auto start and stop them if they run at an inappropriate time. That can only be done when your devices have root access. In addition, removing bloatware , extending battery life and archiving notifications also requires root access.

## How’s Purify different from CCleaner, Avast Cleanup or any other optimize tool?

CCleaner clears cache and junk to preserve more storage while Purify is good at leveraging apps running privilege based on usage, so as to boost system speed and extend battery life. And unlike some tools temporary boosting, Purify can effectively put apps into hibernation to sustain an effective boost result.

##Want to know more about Purify?

Visit our official website: http://purify.kingroot.netor follow us on Facebook:

Happy purifying :)

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