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App: QPython - Python for Android

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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
QPython is a script engine that runs on android devices. It lets your android device run Python scripts and projects. It contains the Python interpreter, console, editor, and the SL4A Library for Android. It’s Python on Android!It offers the development kit which lets you easily develop Python projects and scripts on your Android device.

[[ Main Features ]]* Supports Python programming on Android including web apps, games, and SL4A programming etc* Run Python scripts / projects on Android devices* Can execute Python code & files from QRCode* QEdit lets you create/edit Python scripts / projects easily* Includes many useful python libraries

[[ Programming Features ]]* Supports Web App programming, which let you develop mobile apps with web development framework, this speeds up your mobile development greatly* Supports native UI programming, which let you develop games more easily by using scripts* Supports SL4A programming to access Android’s features: network, Bluetooth, GPS, and more

[ IMPORTANT NOTE ] * QPython is in BETA. If you experience any problems, please contact us so we can address them.* To enable programming with some of Android’s features, QPython requires the following permissions: Bluetooth, GPS, and others. It doesn't require some permissions like access user account, access phone's status, so you could not use some related SL4A APIs.

[ QPython community ]http://qpython.org

#Inspirited by #GDG# Zhuhai from China

[ Feedback ]Please give us five stars if you like our app. Thank you! Contact us if you have any problems.

[ OTHER ]This software uses code of Android Terminal Emulator licensed under the APACHE2 LICENSE, Kivy licensed under the LGPL 3 LICENSE.Part of source could be found on , we will push on the whole qpython to be opensource gradually.

[ KeyWords ]Script, Python, Programming, Develop, Game, kivy, Twisted, SL4A, Console, Editor, IDE

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