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App: Rap Voice Autotune Simulation

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android3.0 and up
Sing into your phone and hear it played back as if you are a famous singer/rapper using various Pitch Correction devices such as Auto Tune.

This app simulates the effect many famous singers and rappers use to make their voice sound different on the radio. Kanye West is famous for it as are many other major names in hip hop including Chris Brown, 2 Chainz and many others!

NOTICE: This is only a very basic simulation. Does not tune to a specific pitch level. Still fun to mess around with and pretend you're a famous singer with an amazing voice!

Some Background Information on Pitch Correction (From Wikipedia):

Pitch correction was relatively uncommon before 1997, when Antares Audio Technology's Auto-Tune Pitch Correcting Plug-In was introduced. This replaced slow studio techniques with a real-time process that could also be used in live performance.

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