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Requires os version:Android2.1 and up
Convert your android to Universal Remote Control FOR ALL your devices.With this application you do not need 5 or more remote controls on your table for TV, DVD PLAYER, BLU-RAY, VCR, SAT / CABLE, DVB-T, AMPLIFIER, CAMERA DSLR, HOME CINEMA,HI-FI, AUDIO SYSTEMS, PC, AIR CONDITIONER ( A/C ) , LED LIGHTS, LIGHTS, REMOTE SOCKETS, PLAYSTATION, XBOX, WII, GARAGE DOORS, HOME AUTOMATION, CAMERAS, COFFEE MACHINE, HEAT, INFRARED HEAT PANELS, WATER HEATER, WASHING MACHINE, CURTAINS, GARDEN WATERING SYSTEM, SWIMMING POOL SPA SYSTEM, SHADE AWNINGS SYSTEM, SOLAR PANELS, WIND TURBINE/GENERATOR, OVEN....and more...others devices....All in one Universal Remote Control Android application for all your IR or bluetooth devices without WiFi network.This application uses only Bluetooth not WiFi or internet to control devices.Works with all old and new devices,does not needs Smart TV,or smart device WiFi (LAN) to work.Avoid microbes from any dirt, without letters remotes control from great use and battery change....Passes to a more modern and aesthetically best way of managing your devices using just your android mobile phone.Gets the future now without having to change your devices.Free Android application to create your DIY Smart Home/Office/Business/Camper/Cruiser boat Automation System!!!NEEDS EXTERNAL HARDWARE!!!Does not work only with android if it has not *IR port!!!Remote Control app sends Bluetooth signal to another microcontroller ( for example arduino board+Bluetooth shield/module ) with serial port service and after the microcontroller with IR led sends IR pulses signals to your devices...If your device does not support IR or Bluetooth signals you can add IR remote sockets or Bluetooth relays.Also you can control your arduino board with bluetooth shield/module for rc car,boat,helicopter,multicopter,robot,relays...or your Raspberry Pi for small range projects.For longer range projects ( via cloud ) or via local WiFi network have a look at my others applications.You must paired android and Bluetooth shield/module before use it and change the default name HC-07 from setup menu with your Bluetooth shield/module name for example HC-05.If your device you want to control is far ( > 10 m ) you can expand your systems with second arduino board with RF link for more devices to another floor or room.I have IR pulses signal codes for LG , Toshiba , Sharp , Sony , Samsung , Panasonic , Philips , Grundig , JVC , Hitachi , Schaub Lorenz , Siemens , Telefunken TV and Funai,Crypto DVBT, Toshiba, Sony , LG , Panasonic DVD player , Denon , Kenwood , Pioneer , Technics , Yamaha Hi Fi , Carrier ,Fujitsu , Toyotomi , Mitsubishi, Panasonic , Daikin , Haier , Sharp , General Electric , Amana , York , Lennox , Westinghouse , American Standard , Trane , Kenmore A/C and for others you can find infos into my site.Cameras DSLR IR remote: Olympus ,Canon, Nikon , Fuji , Minolta , Pentax, Sony....**********If you have the HTC One ( new model ) with IR blaster, i created a free specific application for this.Send me email with the brand names of your home devices you want to control.Visit my site for find it and test the application....aslo i uploaded it to Google Play Market... i created for Samsung Galaxy with IR blaster me email with the brand names of your home devices you want to control.HTC One,Sony Xperia ZL or Samsung Galaxy S4 and others with IR blaster does NOT needs EXTERNAL HARDWARE for small range.But if you want more range you can use my external hardware.For example you can control devices from another room or from another floor!!!*********Please visit my site for more infos about external hardware and setup instructions : http://www.power7.netSend me Email for more infos and help.Thanks very much!!!
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